Wednesday, 22 January 2020

MoonInk Tanka High School Anthology Competition 2020

MoonInk are launching a Tanka poetry competition for High Schools in London and the South East. If your school is interested in entering contact Lee and Tana Jackson at for a free copy of the Tanka Poetry Workshop Pack which provides everything required to run a workshop.

Schools will be able to use the workshop material to facilitate group activities where students will write their own Tanka poems. Ten poems from each school can be entered into the MoonInk Tanka High School Anthology competition. The deadline for submissions is the 30 June 2020.

One poem will be chosen from each school taking part to be published on the online MoonInk Tanka High School Anthology in November 2020. The winning poems will also be published on YouTube.

MoonInk will be contacting High Schools in London and the South East throughout March to invite them to take part.

Tanka is a Japanese style of poetry dating back to the 5th Century and the poems are written about nature, the seasons, love, sadness and other strong emotions, using strong imagery with a focus on the 5 senses.

Mindfulness can be described as a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

Reading and writing poetry can help people become more mindful and can relieve stress, trauma, feeling down, and other well-being challenges.

The MoonInk mission is to bring poetry to life by taking the verse out of the book and into the world to gain a wider audience for the poetry in our lives and we are sharing social responsibility by developing the mindfulness and well-being of the people living in our communities.

For more information about MoonInk or Tanka Poetry visit or the MoonInk Blog Poetry Pages

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